The Romanesque style of Olius, Gaudí and the Busa mountain range

Romanesque jewels

Six kilometres from Solsona, in the direction of the city of Berga, is the nucleus of Sant Esteve d'Olius: it is the architectural gem of Solsonès. Its 10th century Romanesque crypt and its cemetery, embedded in the stone, are evidence of Gaudinian modernism in the region.

About twenty kilometres from the castle of Besora, you come to the Busa mountains. It is a magical setting between cliffs, eagle nests and legends of the French War with its natural prison.

At the bottom of the Vall d'Ora is the Ecomuseum, with a hydropower flour mill, the sawmill and the carpenter's shop, where carriages were built and repaired, the blacksmith's shop and the property of Cal Guirre. Under the historical gaze of Guifré el Pilós, there is the very well restored Romanesque gem of Sant Pere Graudesclales.

On the way to Berguedà, with a 4×4 vehicle, you can discover the enclave of Valielles, its protected boixera and the leafiest beech forest in Catalonia.